Mock Trials & Clickers / Dialers

Mock trials also known as jury simulations allow lawyers to conduct a practice run in front of live jurors, with the purpose of analyzing the decision making process of these.

Audience Response Systems –also known as voting devices is a type of technology that can help you:

  • Identify flaws or strengths in the arguments you present.
  • Identify the best candidates for your mock trial.
  • Identify possible case scenarios.
  • Analyse juror opinion at different stages of the trial.

Moment to Moment

During a trial simulation you may use

  • Audio Recordings
  • Videotaped presentations
  • Documents
  • Evidence

Through the use of Moment-to-Moment technology you can overlay the jurors' response on the evidence that is being presented to visually see their understanding, comprehension, and judgement.


Demographics for Mock Trials

Having the closest possible demographic and voting data (to closely mirror your jury pool) can be an essential factor to winning your cases.

With the PowerCom’s software you can get a feel of the jurors' attitude by having a variety of options to sort your results.